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A Very Late 3rd Birthday

25 June 2006

The party was a success! Everyone had a great time. Adults chatted. Kids played. Food was eaten. And my 3 year old finally had his party.

Callum helped with most of the preparations – cake decorating, making party bags, sweeping the leaves in the backyard… and to see his anticipation grow and grow, then finally explode as his friends walk through the door with presents… ahh, it made me all gooey and happy inside. Note the use of sparklers instead of candles, hence the puzzled look on Callum’s face.

Sean had a grand time too. I was really surprised at how sociable and vocal he was. While I was busy cutting up the cake, he used his lightning ninja moves on me — he reached over, dug his grubby fingers deep into the cake and scooped out -like a crane- a handful of fresh chocolate cake then made a run for it! He found a table to hide under, sat, ate, covered himself with chocolate cake… and was pleased as punch.

Ah, my Cosmic Space Packs were supposed to be blue + silver bags with cute space pics. But the paper I bought was too thin! So I ran out of time/materials and used brown paper bags instead. Not very cosmic, oh well, most of them ended up in the bin anyway!

I know you are “supposed” to give out the bags at the end of the party, as the kids leave. But it seems a bit mean for the kids who are not leaving yet, to have to wait for their bag. So when everyone is standing together, the candles blown, everyone waiting for the cake to be cut up, I like to give out the bags to all the kids at the same time. And let the birthday boy help pass them out.