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Random Things About Me

20 June 2006

I always wanted a tattoo on my back, but couldn’t find/design an image that I’d be happy with for the rest of my life.

I first met my husband at university. I studied in the same department in which he taught. He was the super-cool, young-hottie, brainy-academic lecturer that everybody loved, and I actually sat in a few of his lectures. But, truth be told, I was too caught up in my own men-troubles to notice. A couple of years later, in very different circumstances, I contacted him out of the blue for some industry contacts. We struck up a casual email conversation that lasted for 6 or so months. All along I thought he was married. And the moment I found out he wasn’t, I asked him out.

Most of my adult life I’ve been 47kgs. After the birth of my first son, I dropped to 45kgs. Then after the birth of my second son I dropped to 43kgs. Which, I thought, for my frame was probably a bit unhealthy and boney. Currently I struggle to keep it up at 44-45kgs. I eat so much. Running after my two boys certainly keeps the weight off. Unfortunately I’ve also dropped 2 cup sizes. Which I’m rather bitter about.

I absolutely refused to let Andrew buy me an engagement ring. I wanted to chose one myself. So the plan was – after we got married, go overseas for our honeymoon, I can go shopping for the engagement ring. But on the day… I decided to spend the money on a digital camera instead. Ha! And I still don’t have an engagement ring! It’s my own fault really.

Just under my bellybutton, I have an impressive swathe of stretch marks – the result of two 8-pounder babies. I treat them like the awesome battle scars of a real woman. I am also quick to show them off – if you ask nicely – and especially if you show me some of your scars.

Until I met my current husband, I had only ever dated Asian guys. It wasn’t a racial preferences, it just kinda happened that way. In my list of dating/relationship requirements, I really didn’t care about a guy’s look or race. It was all about confidence, stability, eloquence, a sense of humour and the ability to hold an interesting conversation.

Issues of being in an “interracial marriage” don’t seem to apply to me. I think deep down my character is based more on Australian and Christian values, with strong Asian cultural quirks that flavour my personality. My husband and I have very similar (and passionate) attitudes and values towards family, food, health, friends, work, money, stress, children, holidays, tv, time, the future, etc. So we don’t have many typical “cultural” differences.

I don’t like to sleep. There are just so many other things I would rather do.

I’m really sensitive to the cold.

I’ve always wanted three children. I love big families.

I’m the middle child. And having a second child has given me great insight into how “middle child-ness” has shaped my being. In particular, my natural propensity to try a little harder to be a little different and stand out in everything I do. Not to show off to others, but to confirm to myself that I was different and special.

Sean’s conception was planned during the time my husband had cancer. We didn’t know whether we’d be able to have anymore children (after chemo), so we had our last shot at it while we could. Thus Sean was born not long after we recovered (mentally and physically) from the cancer episode. I went through a long spell of hormonal depression and had to constantly check myself to keep myself on track.

I’m really good with directions, maps, charts and decoding foreign instruction manuals.

I absolutely love card games and strategy board games. I can’t wait to teach my kids how to play bridge. But I don’t play any kind of video or computer games.

In high school I was a serial truant. I used to skip classes, took a bus to the city and walked around day dreaming.

I have 20/20 eye vision.