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Organic Vegetables

25 May 2006

OooOooOo I feel like a kid at Christmas! I just received my order of organic fruit and veges. A box of assorted seasonal stuff from a local organic farm, Freshline, home delivered. It’s so exciting!

The delivery guy turned up at our doorstep and handed us this huge white styrofoam box. As I shut the door, I turn and prance through the house like an ecstatic singing lunatic. The kids love it. They chase after me, as excited as I am.

Then we stand over the box going ooOOoh aaahh, biiiig present. Their fingers and toes wiggle with anticipation. We tear the tape off and yes yes, I know. It’s pretty silly. Getting so animated about fruit and veges. But it’s so much FUN!

We name all the fruits and vegetables. We smell them. We feel them. We treat them like treasure.

I love that the mix changes every time. I love that my kids eat lots of veges. I love the taste and texture of fresh organic foods. Yep, it’s pretty expensive. Sometimes more than 4 times the price. But, hey, each to their own.

If you don’t live in Perth, Ecoshop has a great little directory of Australian online stores with home deliveries, and other cool stuff.