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Surrounded By Crazy People

16 May 2006

We were in a busy seafood shop, waiting in a long queue. Callum peers into a tray of ice and shouts, “Hey mum! What’s that?”

I say, “It’s calamari.”

“CALER-MAARI? [Long pause] Whoa hey that’s like CALLUM! We’re the same!”

“Haha very good! Callum and Calamari sound the same. But you’re not actually THE SAME. You’re a person and that’s a squid!”

Then. He bugged both eyes out, made one eye bigger, wrapped his arms around his head in a tangle of wriggly fingers and said with pursed lips “Look now we’re the same!”

Everyone in the shop burst out laughing. They laughed and laughed. I stood there a little embarrassed.

That is, until everyone started to do their OWN seafood impersonations.

Some puffed out their cheeks pretending to be blowfish, others sucked in their cheeks to make fish-like lips. Others just crossed their eyes and waggled their fingers around their faces, like anemones?

Callum stood there, approving all the faces with a stupid grin on his face. A grin that said, This is kinda weird, but I LIKE IT.