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My Orchids

14 May 2006

I’m so proud of my orchids. Not that I’m a pro gardener or anything. In fact, I don’t know anything about orchids! I’ve had them for years, and I just keep tipping fertiliser on them whenever they look a bit weedy, and hey presto! I get 9 stalks of flowers all at once. They look so weird – like strange alien creatures going “BLEEEAAAAH”.

And this one! Surely it’s proof that God has a sense of humour. Red and green tiger stripes? It gets even weirder too – apparently if the flowers get morning sun, they’ll give off the sweetest, most amazing frangipani scent all day. And it’s so strong it wafts through my whole garden and I can smell it from the kitchen. If no sun, then no fragrant. At all. So strange. It makes me want to put it in a dark room and stand over it with a torch.

Anyway. We had a quiet Mother’s day. Nothing eventful to report. Just a regular quiet Sunday, where us adults got to recover from a crazy Saturday night out. But that’s another story.