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Healthy Bread

24 April 2006

Ever since my husband survived cancer, we’ve been experimenting with “healthier” kinds of breads.

We looked into spelt (dinkelbrot) – an alternative to wheat, organically grown, super nutritional, easily digestible and tastes amazing. We fell in love with wholemeal spelt loaves, especially the mixes with sunflower, linseed, poppy and sesame seeds. Sean loves it too and will eat it like cake – however he doesn’t digest the poppy seeds (eww).

We also tried gluten free breads. Bread with no wheat. Bread made out of maize flour, rice flour, soy flour and potato flour. It was bizarre! We tried heaps of different products and mixes. Some resembled cake. Some scones. While others just looked like industrial cleaning sponges.

The bread in the picture was a maize and rice loaf. And I must admit, it was the best looking gluten free loaf we made. It smelt sooooo good. When I lifted it out of the bread maker, my kids hovered around like hungry sharks. It had great shape, colour, texture. It felt awesome under the knife. But, too bad it tasted like a styrofoam hash brown.