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Catch Up

30 March 2006

My sister was back in Perth for a week. It was really good to see her and hang out again, even though she spent most of her time laughing at Callum’s antics and poking Sean’s belly.

It was actually quite cute to see them become “friends”. Callum is not keen on people who talk to him like a baby – but when you talk to him like an adult in an iNTerEsTing voice, he’ll be your best friend. My sis did pretty well, and I think the friendship was sealed the moment my sister said “Thomas the Tank Engine?”.

I left the kids at my parent’s place for an hour while I dashed out to the dentist. Apparently they watched Jem and the Holograms and drew pictures of ME! Hahaha.

Mum made a huge plate of yummy fried noodles. Callum made Aunty Christine laugh with his chopstick skills. And Sean snoozes in his car seat, still holding onto his Action Man figurine.