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Sean’s Birthday Party

19 March 2006

We had a birthday party for Sean (and my husband) on the weekend. It was a huge family bash/children’s party thing with 50-60 people! It was the first time we had a party of that size in our house – and I was surprisingly relaxed. Not enough chairs? Meh, people can sit on the floor. Not enough food? Haha, I have sliced bread in the freezer!

Unfortunately I only took 3 photos throughout the whole party. I was too busy being Miss Social Butterfly and the Hostess with the Mostest. At one point, I handed my camera to my sister, and she switched it to MOVIE mode. So I have these short 2 second clips of everyone going “HAPPY BIR–” and “DON’T TOUCH THE CA–“. Did I mention she just stepped off the plane from Japan? Oh well, lots of people have promised to send me their pics, so I’m not too fussed. We got lots of video footage though!

I made these little HEALTHY lolly bags – with a small packet of popcorn, pretzels, jelly snakes (from The Natural Confectionery Company) and a couple of balloons. Callum helped me decorate the bags with stuff we found in the park, and he helped me pack them too! He was so funny, going – “popcorn for the bag, popcorn for my mouth…”

I completely copped out on the cake – which I feel a little guilty about. The first born child got a ONE cake, then a DUCK cake. And second born gets a SQUARE cake… with Easter eggs? It was supposed to be a chocolate ONE cake, but I woke up that morning and thought, meh, I don’t feel like cutting up the square. I mean, 3 days of cleaning the house, that’s got to be a valid excuse for a square cake yeh?