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I wish I had a telescope

15 March 2006

I once had a boyfriend who bedazzled me with the size of his telescope. (Now tell me that wasn’t that a great line.)

Anyway, one night he showed me Saturn. I peered into the end of the telescope, into the sky above, into the blackness. I saw a tiny tiny ball of light. And when I looked closer, I saw rings! The rings of Saturn! It was cool!

I felt small. I felt that the world just got smaller. That, yes, the galaxy existed. And it was big. It was very cool.

At first it looked a bit fake. As if we were peering at the neighbour’s Christmas lights. Or as if someone put a little light at the end of the telescope. It just looked like a fuzzy, blurry ball of light with a ring around it. I stood there thinking, I could so easily recreate this exact image in Photoshop, but no one would believe me because it just looked so… fake.

So the last few nights of warm evenings and clear skies, our little family have been parking our bums on the driveway to watch the full moon rise. We watch it slowly peek over the trees looking mysteriously large and breathtakingly golden. Then it shrinks as it makes a path across the sky, turning silvery white. Beaming down on us, adding to the shadows cast by the street lights.

Callum exclaims, “That’s not the MOON. The moon is s’pose to be like a BANANA!”

My husband and I try our hand at taking photos of it. To no avail. “No worries,” I say, “I’ll just Photoshop one.” Haha, what do you think?

(Moon photo taken by John French. Other cool moon pics here.)