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1 March 2006

It was hot and humid. The kids and I were playing in the backyard. Splashing in the paddle pool. Digging in the sandpit.

The kids were in a great mood. Callum rode his bike while wearing [only] his Spiderman underwear. And I chased him while pushing Sean around in the baby bike.

Callum made me play this game where I was a princess who was tied to a tree by some bad guys, and he was the superhero that was coming to save me and cook me dinner.

And it was so funny, because he wouldn’t let me slouch and relax against the tree, I had to be sitting upright with a scared look on my face.

Later in the day, my dad came over to babysit while I drove about town running some errands – bank, appointment, sort out health insurance.

On the way to the bank, I was stopped by this really good looking guy who opens with “So what’s a gorgeous girl like you doing on a day like this?” He gives me a stupid smile and whips out a Red Cross Charity clipboard.

He knew he was being dork. So I went with it and jokingly said,
“Ah, I guess it depends on what you’re doing later on.”
He laughed and waved his clipboard. “Haha. Well the truth is I only want your money. I’m kinda shallow you see.”
I cracked up. “Honesty usually goes a long way for me, but today I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for $10.”
“What only $10?!? I would’ve thought that a girl of your stature would be worth more than that.”
“Hmm. Ok what car do you drive?”
“A Ford…”
“Ah well sorry, $10 is the best I can do for you. Besides you look a bit young for me…”
“You’re a tough chick.”

So there we were dishing out retarded pick-up lines to each other, until we were laughing and completely mocking each other. It was very entertaining. Which must be a sign that I so need to get out more.

However, yes, I must admit that I was completely sweet-talked into handing over $10. But it was for a good cause!

Anyway! My real story is. I need braces! Akkk!
I went for an appointment with my orthodontist. It appears that my front bottom tooth is making a slow run in the wrong direction. It doesn’t look that bad right now, but it’s going to get worse over time. And the sooner I get it fixed now, the less time I’ll need to wear the braces. He thinks 3 months should make me perfect again.

I assumed that the waiting list would be months, so I asked him how long I would have to wait to get them done. He replied, “We can put them on next week!” I almost choked, then said that I’d need a bit of time to think about it.

Looks like I’m going to be Miss Metal Mouth! AGAIN!