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For the Love of Paper

21 February 2006

While I was in Sydney, I picked up this cute bangle from the Paddington Markets. I liked the pattern on it. But I loved it because it was made out of papier mache!

During my “art” days, I used to be a papier mache NUT! I made large sculptures from huge bits of old furniture. I wrapped them up with wire and wood, slopped on papier mache, sculpted it up, then painted and glued stuff on them. It was so much fun!

I made a small table with its legs entwined with morphed human figures. A horse head lamp shade thing (don’t ask). I even made a huge sea creature with octopus-like tentacles that perched on top of my bookshelf in my not very big bedroom.

I can’t believe my mother put up with my arty antics. I used to keep my paints in the fridge. Turps under my bed. Leave my chalks and charcoals lying on the carpet.

And during my papier mache projects… I tore up weeks and weeks of newspapers, soaked them in my mother’s bathtub until the paper began to decompose and the ink stained the sides of the tub. Then I used her hand blender to whizz it all up, added the glue powder, then transported it all, bucket by bucket, into my bedroom where I worked.

Eeek! I was such a nightmare. I hope my sons grow up to be… accountants!!