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Back from Sydney

8 February 2006

My holiday was FANTASTIC!! I feel like I’ve been away for weeks!! I feel renewed! Refreshed! Rejuvenated! And now radiating with an enthusiasm for some EXCELLENT living. Yeah baby.

I think the key was – balance. I had a nice mix of shopping with the girls + shopping alone; hanging with friends + reading in cafes by myself; sight-seeing the crowded touristy places + strolling through the quiet hilly suburbs; being driven and shown around + exploring places by myself; expensive restaurant dinners + casual bbq dinner; and basically taking it easy and having a good time.

During the days, I managed to visit places like Darling Harbour, Sydney Opera House, The Harbour Bridge, The Rocks, QVB, Chinatown, Market City (fashion factory outlets), Paddy’s Markets, Bondi Beach, Paddington, Chatswood. Pretty good coverage for 4 days (I think), considering that I had nothing planned before I left.

I missed my husband and kids so much! I called back every night. On the third evening, I called a little earlier and spoke to Callum. His voice was so squeaky and tiny and beautiful and he sounded so small and precious… and I melted into a gooey lump and was surprised that I had almost forgotten how to talk to him.

Things that made me extra happy :
1) Being in the company of adults… for FOUR DAYS.
2) Doing irresponsible things like drinking coffee after 5pm.
3) Walking out the door with only keys, sunnies, lip gloss and a credit card – WITHOUT packing nappies, snacks, milk, water, bib, wipes, and two sets of spare clothes.
4) Waking up in the morning and having NO plan and NO goals to achieve for the day.
5) The shopping.
6) Coming home to see the sheer toe-wiggling happiness and uninhibited exuberance on my children’s faces.

Oh and if you’re wondering about the mosaic tile thing in my graphic above… that’s the surface of the Sydney Opera House!