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Buzz Lightyear

18 January 2006

I know kids often become obsessive towards their cartoon heroes. But I never imagined it would be so cute.

Callum LOVES Buzz Lightyear. He’ll nag me every day until I give in. “Can I watch Buzz mum? Please mum? Please please can I watch Buzz? Buzz Loightyer! Pleeeeease? Can I can I can I?? Mum? Buzz! On tv! Please please please please…”

And if he’s not nagging me, he’ll be zooming around the house, pressing buttons on his arm and saying “Come in Star Command! Come in!”.

And he tells me, Buzz said this. And Buzz says that. Buzz Buzz buzz. That’s that only thing I hear these days.

Hehe, ok I’m not really complaining. It’s been great. Great for his development. I guess, I wanted him to move on from the kid’s variety shows (Hi5 and The Wiggles). And start role playing, using his imagination, going on rocket ship adventures to fight space aliens.

He also uses his own toys to recreate scenes from the movie. Like when all the toys are having a toy meeting. It’s so cute.

I think it’s very cool. I’m tempted to buy him an action figure, or a Buzz costume. But, haha first I’ll see how long his obsession lasts.