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Sean – 10 months

16 January 2006

Sean has been a little darling. He takes 2 steps now.

The other day he clunked his head on a tile step. He cried. I didn’t pick him up. Instead I shouted sympathy from the other side of the room, “Aaawww poor baby! Up you get! See? That wasn’t so bad!”
He sniffed at me. We both turned back to continue whatever we were doing. However, I peeked back at him about a minute later and one side of his head, his neck and back was covered in BLOOD! So. Much. Blood. And it was still oozing out!!!

After a bit of blind freaking panic, shouting for my husband, calling a doctor, sponging him down, peeling bloodied clothes off my child, shaving half his head and whacking a band-aid on it… all was back to normal. After all, just another day in Life As A Parent, right?

So now Sean is sporting a very strange hair style. It doesn’t show in the pics above. But from his other side, he looks like a razorback boar. Or like we gave him half a mohawk. (Hehe, yeh I was toying with the idea of making it into a full mohawk. But, what would my mother say??). At the moment I’ve got a bright purple Wiggles band-aid on his bald spot, so it screams “THIS IS MEDICAL”… rather than “MY MUM NEEDS TO GET A REAL JOB”.

Anyway. Whenever I see the two of us side by side, I cannot see ANY of my features in him. Where are those Asian genes?? He doesn’t even look related to me! Ah, I’m not worried. He’s got shocking early-morning grumpiness, so he’s definitely mine.

I’ve been feeling a little sorry for the poor guy. I haven’t had any special bonding activities with him since he stopped breast feeding. So I might enroll us into baby swim classes. He’s such a cutie in the water.