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All I want for Christmas

5 January 2006

We bought Callum a bike for Christmas! Actually… we bought it during the post Christmas sales. So there was no cliched bike-assembling on Christmas Eve, nor was there a huge bike-shaped gift under the Christmas tree.

We decided to spend a little extra at a proper bike shop, to get a bike that will last, rather than a dinky plastic one from a toy shop. We also decided to let Callum choose the colour of his bike. Big mistake. After visiting THREE bike shops in search of an “orange” bike… we had to talk him into buying a blue one. With a space alien on the seat, no less.

Needless to say, he loved it. It took him a few trys to negotiate the pedal brake, but other than that he got the hang of it really quickly… and was soon speeding off doing dangerous boy bike things. *Rolls eyes*

Inspired by Janice, I asked Callum :
“Hey Callum, you want to give your bike a name?”
“YEAH! Good idea mummy!”
“Ok… What about Speedy? Or Bluey?”
“Neh. I want to name it Fluffy.”
“Um. Callum. Your teddy bear is fluffy. Your bike isn’t fluffy.”
“I like Fluffy.”
“What about something fast and blue like.. SHARKY?”
“You know what? I changed my mind. You CAN’T name your bike today. So nyeeeh!”
“Aaawwwww muuuuuuum.”

(I do it because I CAN. Ha.)