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Christmas Craftiness

20 December 2005

Callum and I spent the afternoon making Christmas cards.
I was surprised at how keen he was – especially since our last attempt, which ended in Callum curled up in a ball and throwing up chunks of glue and coloured paper – oh I didn’t mention that one? Well. There you go. He was banned from glue for a while.

So yes. I had a lovely afternoon cutting out silly little shapes, passing them to the glue master, giving him a few hints on where to paste things, bursting out randomly “AARGH! DON’T SNIP YOUR FINGERS WITH THOSE SCISSORS!!!”, and secretly adjusting a few gluey stars. Callum did a great job. He wasn’t too steady with the scissors, being left-handed and all. But I was impressed!

I suspect they’ll arrive in letterboxes around the world a little late. But at least someone – ie. you – will get to see them before Christmas!