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Your turn to change nappies – for the next six days!

8 December 2005

My husband came back from Denmark yesterday! Yaaay! Ok he’s a bit spaced-out and jet-lagged, but it’s SO good to have him home.

Before he left, I did a bit of “research”. From the dozens of mums I talked to, there seemed to be a general (although, reluctant) agreement that : things are easier when the husbands are away. Ha!

For months I was dreading Andrew’s conference trip. Away for 6 days? You mean I have to bath BOTH kids, cook dinner, feed BOTH kids, put BOTH kids to sleep AND wash the dishes? Not to mention all the OTHER STUFF I have to do with them during the day!? How was that supposed to be easier without my husband??

Firstly, I had to make myself get used to the idea – just grow up and adapt Karen!

Secondly, I was very aware of the possibility of me drifting into a “low” [read: depression] if I didn’t have anyone there to point it out to me. So I arranged for babysitting, activities for the kids, or someone to come over for dinner… almost every night. Goodness. I was so busy.

And I guess in a way, it was easier!

Especially when it came to my daily time management. Usually when my husband got home from work, we’d spend ages chatting, laughing, talking about each other’s day… then we’d weave a plan for the evening, taking into consideration each other’s mood, feelings, energy levels, plans, homework, suggestions, blah blah… y’know the whole wedding vow thing. But with my husband away, I made ALL the decision about everything right there. I saved so much time! It was unbelievable!

Kids were walked, fed, showered, storied and in bed by 7:30pm. And the dishes were always done by 7:45pm.

It was actually really cool. Heh.


(Yes, this is where I insert what a softie I really am.)

Eargh, I missed my husband so so sooooo much. I didn’t enjoy sleeping in a cold bed. I missed having someone to listen to my daily stories and blabberings. I missed his humour. His voice. His smell. His presence. And um, I think we have rats in the ceiling, honey.