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Wine and Indian Food

3 December 2005

from Merchants of Bollywood site

I went to watch the Merchants of Bollywood last night. A girlfriend bought a bunch of excellent dress circle tickets at the Regal. I couldn’t possibly say no to that!

It was great fun. But it was FULL ON. It was LOUD. I felt like I spent hours in an insanely hardcore dance club. The doosh doosh-ness is still ringing in my ears.

The dancers were so… energetic. Actually no, the word “energetic” is far too understated. They danced like they were on speed. It was quite spectacular. I’ve never seen a Bollywood show before. So this was my first. The storyline was silly, costumes were dazzling, choreography was spectacular, women were beautiful… and omg the guys were incredibly hot. Like deliciously dark, chiselled, full-body-sculpted hottness.

I am so shallow. I am so hungover.