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Spice Magazine Launch

28 November 2005

This evening we went to the launch of a new WA magazine, Spice. A magazine all about FOOD! With a distinct West Australian flavour and focus. It was awesome!

The launch was like a cool little fair. There were local wines. Local beers. Local breads. Even a local band! Local prawns were sizzling away, next to the local lamb chops. There were local chefs cooking up a storm, where people were allowed to wander through the kitchen, talk to the chefs and sample little portions of this and that. And outside, there were local pizza-makers making fresh pizzas in local woodfire ovens. Yummo.

There was a very warm, friendly, passionate and open atmosphere surrounding the launch, the people and the magazine. I found it wonderfully refreshing and inspiring. When I received the invite, I knew very little about the magazine itself. I didn’t know anything about the story behind it. Or the people who dreamt it. I don’t even know anything about the local food or publishing industry!

However, standing under the stars on the clear summer night, munching on a lamb chop with its juices dripping down my arm, listening to a humble man who had an idea and an ambition – made me realise something I’ve always known… that hard work, determination and a bit of faith, really does make a dream come true.