day of week


6 November 2005

I drove out to the city this afternoon. By myself. Sun shining on my shoulders. Music blaring from the speakers. I had a sudden craving for some alone time. So I left the kids with my husband. I felt a little bad.

I had already been out to dinner with some friends on Wednesday night. We chatted, caught-up and laughed about random and inane things. We shared a huge platter of various tandooried animals and garlic naan. It was gooooooood.

And then my husband and I went out on Friday night. Dinner and movie. The Proposition. It was fantastic – beautifully crafted. Loved it, even though I’m not a Nick Cave fan.

So there I was. Parked on the street. Sitting in my car. Waiting for my song to finish. And… I felt really really happy.

Not because I was away from the kids. Or that I was about to go shopping. Or that I just created a somewhat spontaneous, slightly excessive, couple of hours for myself.

I think it was because my chi had finally settled.

These last few weeks I’ve been battling a constant spell of gloominess, depression, frustration, and overall emptiness.

I know it’s purely the roller coaster ride of post-pregnancy hormones. And I know our life is pretty sweet at the moment. And if I think about it, my week was actually filled with lots of happy, positive stuff.

But… eh, who can know the answer to the mystery of women.

Anyway, I found a super cute shop in the city. Bought a nice vintage top. A mini skirt. A couple of other things. Replenished my makeup supplies. And who knows if retail therapy actually works anyway. As long as the men believe it…