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They say, never work with kids

3 November 2005

We organised a fundraising idea for my toy library – Christmas Calendars with a photo of your kids, and monthly tear-off pages. (Through CrazyCamel.)

I figured it would be a great present for my parents and grandparents. And I’ve been planning for ages to take a nice photo with both boys in it.

Easier said than done. It was unbelievably hard work!! I was pulling my hair out by the end of it. I don’t know how pro photographers do it. I got sooooo grumpy and frustrated. I promised chocolates and ice cream. I waved annoying, squeaky toys. I made stupid googly faces. I trying to engage them in 2 year old conversations. No wonder Anne Geddes works with newborns who SLEEP. Grrr.

Seriously though. I must’ve taken hundreds of snaps. And NOT ONE of them had both boys looking at the camera with a decent expression on their face. In the end I decided that I AM A VISUAL DESIGNER. I CAN MAKE THIS WORK. And settled with two pics, with similar background, pose and portrait composition – which I’m going to plonk together side by side. Phew. Thank God for Photoshop.