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Food that Mooed

5 October 2005

I went out with some good friends for a Korean BBQ dinner.
Good lord, I think I ate a whole cow. I felt so sick. I ate so much meat.

There was a raw meat buffet (which seemed so wrong) and you cooked your meats at your own table. The men ended up doing all the cooking – as is the way at all great Aussie barbecues.

But the problem with dining with so many male friends, was that I felt like I had to keep up with them. They kept cooking more and more things and piling them onto my plate. Damn chivalry.

During the dinner, I accidently picked up a sliced cow tongue. Now I don’t usually get squeamish over food, nor do I believe in wasting food – but in that moment, the picture just didn’t sit well with me.

Anyway, I think I’m going to eat plain lettuce for the next few days.