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It breaks my heart…

30 September 2005

We need a new home for our cat, Silky. She’s a beautiful, slender, 5 year old short-haired cat. She’s mild mannered, calm, independent, extremely gentle and great around kids.

As most of you know, we recently found out that my son is allergic to cats. And we’ve been advised by several doctors to have a cat-free home. So if you live in Perth and want a cat, or know someone who wants a cat (for free), please email me!

She’s sterilised. Recently been vaccinated. Completely cat-tray trained. Completely healthy. Does not claw the furniture or carpet. I’ve trained her to not to sit on the couches and cushions. She loves being indoors and outdoors. Is not super-fussy with her food. Not overly needy, hyper or attention seeking. She comes from a very happy home and she’s a very happy cat!

We’ve already tried places like Cat Haven, but were told it is “cat season”. And everybody knows what happens during cat season. *cries*

Edit — Thanks everyone who emailed me! We managed to find a lovely new home for Silky! Yay!

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Where’s the Supernanny when you need her?

27 September 2005

One afternoon, I was racing around the house doing some chores. My 2.5 year old was playing happily with his train set. My 6 month old was sleeping. As I was pulling the wet laundry from the washing machine, I noticed the house was unusually quiet.

I walked into the kitchen and saw that Callum was stuffing something into the bin. “Callum? What are you doing buddy?” I asked. He turned around and had the GUILTIEST look on his face.

I was instantly NOT happy. I looked into the bin. He had torn two book jackets off my husband’s prized 1960’s Jacques Cousteau books and put them into the bin! Not to mention he probably did some dangerous acrobatic balancing trick to get them off the shelf. AND worse of all, he was trying to cover up what he did!!

I stood there motionless. There were dark clouds and lightning bolts booming over my head. I was horrified. I could not believe that my son could be so sneaky! I didn’t know 2.5 year olds could feel guilty enough to cover up their actions.

I was angry too. If I didn’t catch him doing it, he would have gotten away with it!! I stood fuming.

Callum stood there, looking up at me with his tearing big brown eyes, trembling in my looming shadow. I spoke slowly and carefully, restraining all my emotions and anger – like the calm before the storm.

“Callum. Do you have something to tell mummy?”
“Yes Mummy…… Stay calm….. No angry…… No shout…….. Let’s be happy!” He even said ‘Let’s be Happy’ with a semi-authoritative, hopeful, half-unsure cute grin and half-bottom-lip quiver and a squeaky little bounce in his voice.

I was torn. I completely melted and burst out laughing. Which was probably the WRONG thing to do in situations like this. But I couldn’t help it. It was just so cute. And clever. And genuinely optimistic.

So after a careful step-by-step explanation about all the wrong things that were done, he indeed was very sorry. And he was happy to sit quietly in his room for 5 minutes.

It was all rather adult-like. In fact, suspiciously TOO adult-like if you asked me. Was I just manipulated? Should I discipline him for that too?

Argh. This parenting thing is complicated I tell you.

In the end, he emerged from his room. He apologised. We made up. And then I gave him an extra big cuddle for wanting good things to happen out of bad situations. That sounds about right, right?

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Showing Off

25 September 2005

A friend of mine popped over this afternoon to pass me a little few gifts. One of them was a pair of gorgeous earrings she made! They are SO pretty!

I’m totally in love with them.

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Weekend Rundown

24 September 2005

Today my parents looked after both kids for 6 hours.
SIX WHOLE HOURS! That’s almost a full working day!

So my husband and I trotted off to the engagement party of some close friends. It was lunch with all you can eat dim sum. Mmmm I ate so much chicken feet and deep fried squid.

It’s quite interesting to have dim sum with someone who is trying to avoid seafood and meat. My husband had to temporarily forego his aspiration to be vegetarian. Unless he wanted to eat spring rolls and egg tarts all afternoon. I don’t think Chinese people believe in vegetarianism.

After that, we strolled over to visit the WA Art Gallery. Then we browsed lazily through bookstores. And did a bit of window shopping in the city. It was like the good old days. No rush. No agenda. Just walking around, enjoying each other’s company. We had HOURS to kill.

Now my husband usually hates shopping. But he was trying to buy a wire for our new digital tv receiver. We walked around to EVERY SINGLE BLOODY electronic shop we came across, comparing styles, types and prices. Good lord it was like shopping with a woman!

At first I swore we wouldn’t waste the afternoon by watching the football grand final. But we walked past a TV shop which was surrounded by people with their eyes glued to an – apparently “ball-tearing” – game. So I caved in. We walked around and found ourselves a pub over-flowing with balloons, streamers, and very drunk people who were singing.

Our state team lost in the end. It was indeed a great game. Everyone in the pub was crying, hugging, singing and buying more beer. We made a quick exit. And spent the rest of the day relishing in the goodness of the weekend.

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I have the coolest kid…

23 September 2005

I’m teaching my 2½ year old how to listen to grown up music. MY music. Purely for selfish reasons of course. Reasons that involve destroying a collection of The Wiggles CDs.

I’m teaching him how to bang with the drum beats, follow the bass, do beatbox, sing some words. He loves following the electric guitar sounds, NEEW NEEW NEEEEW. It’s so funny. He cracks me up.

Anyway, Callum loves Jet now. And his favourite thing in the world (at the moment) is to chill out on the couch in the late afternoons, listening to Jet on the headphones, and flicking through a mountain of books and CD covers. BY HIMSELF!

It keeps him QUIET AND STILL for ages! It’s gold, I tell you.

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On the Weekend – High School Reunion

21 September 2005

My 10 year high school reunion was great! There were SO many people. The turn out was huge. Probably 100+ out of a class of 250. As I walked towards the pub, I was surprisingly nervous. Not sure why.

Memory is a funny thing. I have metal snapshots of people, faces, rooms, corridors, laughter, voices, books and endless high school moments; all frozen, and hazy whilst embedded in 10 years of grey matter; and all about to be transformed by the reality of time.

But I was greeted by faces I knew well. Hugs and kisses and photos went all around. Everyone looked so… grown up! I couldn’t help but look around and gawk at the sea of familiar faces. It was so weird. Everyone looked so sophisticated, mature, changed. Same, but different.

Some were balding. Some had beards. Some put on weight. Some lost weight. Some looked like fashion models! Some must’ve had plastic surgery. Or boob jobs. Or muscle training. Some looked like their dads. Some looked like my dad! And some looked EXACTLY the same.

We watched a video compilation of the big Year 12 events. I had wonderfully long conversations with old friends. I chatted with my maths & science teachers. I talked to ex-boyfriends. I had brief conversations with people who were once my bestest of best friends.

Lots of people had started their own business. Lots of people were bored with their jobs. Lots had travelled. Lots of accountants. I only met one other web designer. And only a tiny handful were married with kids!

So my 10 year reunion didn’t change my life. It didn’t shake the foundations of my youth. And I don’t really feel like a transformed person because of it. However, it was a brilliant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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The only reason I watch football

20 September 2005

I love watching the footy. It’s my favourite kind of background entertainment for a relaxed Sunday afternoon while doing the ironing. I would LOVE to go to a game. But I must admit, I’m not an avid fan of the sport. For example, I won’t go cancelling say, a hair appointment or a trip to the dentist so I can stay at home and watch a game.

And I try not to watch it with hardcore fans, because my comments are often unwelcomed in moments of gripping football fever.
“Whoa! Look at that guy’s butt!!”
“Sheesh. Check out the muscles on his arms…”
“He’s so hot in those shorts…”
“I thought this was a family show?”

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the highlights of the Brownlow Medal, and ogling at all the beautiful people and stunning dresses.

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Sean at 6 months

15 September 2005

I took Sean to an allergy specialist to find out what was causing his eczema and all his redness, rashes, and the puffy, dry and flaky skin. We also agreed to a skin prick test to find out what he was allergic to.

The doctor was wonderfully nice. He asked me questions about our pets. Our floor coverings. Our furnishings. The age of our house. Whether I’ve started Sean on solids. Other allergies in the family.

He drew a grid on Sean’s arm. Then pulled out a tray of little tiny bottles of liquid. They clinked and rattled as he went about putting little tiny drops into each square of Sean’s skin. Sean sat on my lap and gurgled, mesmerized by a silly snowdome on the doc’s desk. Then he squirmed and grizzled as the doctor made little tiny pricks on his skin where the liquid had made contact.

We all sat back and waited 10 minutes for the test to complete.
I tried to make humourous conversation.
“So how do they make the bottled cat liquid?”
“Do they make essence of cockroach too?”
“Do you have body restraints when you try this on a 3 year old?”

Sure enough. After 10 minutes. One little square of skin flared up into a hideous angry rash. “Definitely an allergic reaction to… YOUR CAT!”


The doc said that it was one of the worse allergies in kids, and it’s only going to get worse. Apparently if we don’t do anything about it now, Sean could grow up with severe respiratory problems, skin problems, chronic hayfever, inflammation and swelling, and plenty of emergency trips to the hospital.

His orders were direct. Get rid of the cat. Get rid of your carpet. Steam clean your furniture. Wash your walls with hot soapy water once a fortnight. Wash linen frequently. Air out your house frequently.


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High School Reunion

14 September 2005

My 10 year high school reunion is on this weekend.

And from the talk going around the place, you’d think it was some kind of detested, evil cult gathering. I’m sure all the talk about what happens at high school reunions is over rated. Besides, I kinda like the idea of reunions. I like meeting familiar faces from the past. I like discovering the paths of life people take, after starting from the same point. I love listening to people’s stories.

I had an ok time in high school. I didn’t have a fantastic time, but it was fun nonetheless.

I had the usual case of bottled up angsty teenage rage, reckless middle-child rebellion, a misery of depressions and searches for individuality and purpose, and exceedingly explosive female mood swings. But I think I mellowed out somewhat in upper high school. Ha!

I think I just didn’t fit in anywhere. I had heaps of friends – but they were all from different groups. So I just drifted from group to group. The pot smoking arty group, the brainy library group, the elite popular trendy group, the cool intelligent and slightly eccentric group. I was quite happy being a bit of a loner. Doing my own thing. With nothing to prove. Happy with who I was. And avoiding the whole bitchiness and politics of group dynamics and inter group dynamics.

But having said all that, I believe the reason I was rather aloof was because my core friendship group was outside of high school, made up of family and close family friends.

I think my only “regret” was that I didn’t get involved with the rest of the high school community. I didn’t join any clubs, or productions, or committees or anything. I was however, very obsessed with my art.

So I left high school with some awesome memories, some kickasss report cards, a staggering art portfolio, two cherished friendships, and some unresolved teenage crushes (!).

I’ll tell you how it all turns out.

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Some random quirkiness…

13 September 2005

Spotted these stunning, irresistibly cute and super quirky photographs by french/japanese duo, Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida. The rest of their photography collection is on their site, Minimiam.

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12 September 2005

I had a great weekend. It was a wonderful mix of friends, family, good food, good coffee, a sizzling barbecue and a slow walk in the warm spring sunshine. It was so good for the soul. And it was a nice contrast to the busy hectic week just past.

Today I’ve been twiddling away at some design work. Just some newsletter, flyer and poster designs for my local toy library. Simple stuff really. But it just feels so good to be working on a graphic design job again. Like flexing an old familiar muscle. And rediscovering the buzz that comes from it. It’s also really nice to be doing stuff for a non-profit organisation. It feels good to help people, to put in the extra effort, and to do it without expecting anything in return.

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Babbling about kid stuff

9 September 2005

Today we went to my niece’s third birthday party at an indoor play centre thing.

Callum has absolutely no fear when it comes to monkeying up those huge climbing things. It freaks me out! However, it doesn’t worry me enough to be one of those parents who are constantly two steps behind their children.

I outwardly glow at how independent his is, but really, I just want to sit back and enjoy my cup of coffee.

Sean went insane in the ball pit – flapping his arms, kicking his little feet, grabbing the balls and slobbering all over them. He can’t sit up by himself yet, so I had to stuff him into the corner and pile the balls around him so he wouldn’t disappear face first into the pit.

Sean turns 6 months this weekend. He’s got 2 bottom teeth. He’s still rocking back and forth on his hands and knees. He hasn’t crawled yet, but he can wriggle in any direction other than FORWARD.

His eczema is getting much better! Thanks to a number of people who wrote to me… I’ve switched creams to Elidel, and I’m taking Sean to see an allergist for a skin prick test next week. Poor little guy.

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The 2.5 year old genius

6 September 2005

“Ow! Stop it! No you stop it! Hee hee hee! Quick run away! Nooo! Yes! Ouch! Oh no! Argh! Got you! Pain! Help blood everywhere!”

“Callum? What’s going on? Who are you talking to??”

“My toes are fighting mummy.”

“Oh… Ok… Carry on then.”

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Saturday Night at the Brisbane

3 September 2005

image from The Brisbane Hotel websiteLast night was one of those significantly rejuvenating nights, where in a single moment of epiphany, I remembered who I was, who I am and who I want to be.

It sounds terribly deep, but I assure you, when you’re standing in the midst of hundreds of incredibly good looking, young men and women, no doubt all single, all hot and all glamorous, one can’t help but question what on earth is my married ass doing here??

I was also struck with the disgraceful realisation that I’ve forgotten how to flirt. How to pick up. How to get men to pay for my drinks.

Eye contact with strangers? Fleeting looks from across rooms, frivolous conversations, a bit of cleavage, body language, signals…
Shit, how does it all go again?? I’d be so bad at it. Definitely not like riding a bike. Thank goodness I’m not single.

Anyway. It was a great night. I met some really nice people, and had some really nice conversations. I saw so many people I knew from all over the place, and some faces I haven’t seen in years. It was a breath of fresh air to feel young and irresponsible again. It was exactly what I needed right now.

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A Moment Shared

2 September 2005

I’m the kinda woman who finds it hard to contain my delight.
Mind you, I’m often delighted by very simple things. VERY. Simple things. And most times, people don’t often share my amusement.

The other day I was at a party, hovering over the nibbles table.
I exclaim (perhaps a little too loud),

“Bwahaha! Man that’s pretty amazing!”

“What’s pretty amazing?” asks some random guy standing behind me.

“Oh… nevermind”

“Go on. Try me!” I think he was hoping that I’d share a beautiful Amelie moment with him, and that for a spilt second in time, the souls of two strangers would connect over the fruit punch bowl.

“Well… See. This chunky pumpkin hummus dip looks EXACTLY like what came out of my son’s butt this afternoon. And I mean EXACTLY! Same colour, texture and – can you believe it – same smell! Surely such an impressive resemblance deserves some level of astonishment. Ok. Maybe not.”

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Blogday in Perth

1 September 2005

Last night I dragged myself into Northbridge to join the Perth event for Blogday. I was feeling pretty crook and didn’t stay too long.
But it was fun. I met a few familiar faces. Chatted briefly. Had a few laughs. Had a drink. And even picked up an award + silver platter trophy! It was all very casual and tongue in cheek. Very funny.

So I thought I’d give my “5 recommended blogs” a Perth flavour.

Robert – Delicious insight into Australian politics. Brilliantly laced with his dark humour and wit. He also picked up the Lifetime Achievement award and silver teapot trophy (of which I was rather envious).

Man That Cooks – Local food blogger. Very entertaining writing. Very yummy photos. And he makes me laugh and laugh.

Decaffeinated – Another very entertaining, very funny, well written site that’s full of great stories about macs, geek stuff and life.

Simon – A stunning photoblog capturing the breathtaking colours, shapes and forms of Perth.

Natalija – Lovely friend of mine. Beautiful writing, observations and reflections about life, people, art and design. Inspiring.