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Saturday Summary

16 July 2005

Woke up to a beautiful sunny day.

I dragged the kids out to do some last minute shopping before our trip. Bought a tonne of nappies – we’re still using ½ cloth and ½ disposable nappies for Sean, even on our holiday! How’s that for dedication. Bought a couple of colouring-in and activity books for Callum. Did I mention the drive was going to be about 6 hours?!?

We discovered that a kid’s show was about to start in the middle of the shopping centre. So we hung around for 10 minutes. Haha, I was spotted by 2 people who read my site. I had both Callum and Sean (who was sleeping) in the trolley, but when the action started, Callum wanted to join the other kids in the mosh pit. I had a rather nervous moment when his head disappeared into the sea of children.

Later we dropped off the kids at my parent’s place. Andrew and I spent some much needed quality time by ourselves over dinner. Then we drove over to Fremantle to meet some friends at Clancy’s Fish Pub. Those seafood platters are to DIE for. Anyway, it was a farewell party for a friend. Who is off to sail around the world. Literally. Sailing. In a boat.

Haha, I don’t know why I’m always so surprised by this… I’m the only Asian face in our crowd, and I am SHORT. I’m 5’3 (160cms). And I have these Aussie guy friends who are HUGE. Some of them are like 6½ feet! I think. And every time we stand around the bar, they tower over me and block out the light. My nose jabs at their belly buttons. It’s quite a funny sight.

Then we drive off to a friend’s house-warming party. Huge house in the suburbs. Beautifully renovated. I had house envy. It looked like one of those stunning homes on the cover of magazines. Had some really nice chats with friends and strangers too.

Someone picked my astrological sign. Cancer. Because I sounded maternal and domestic. Bleh. We laughed. But secretly I was annoyed, because I don’t believe in star signs. And I don’t like to think someone can fit my personality into a box. Anyway I drowned my sorrows in Japanese beer and DELICIOUS finger food.

Phew. Such a long day. But we still managed to be home and asleep before we turned into pumpkins.