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5 July 2005

Events on Saturday night :

So what I actually wanted to do for my birthday this year… was to swim with sharks. But eh, it didn’t time out well and I didn’t get around to organising it.
So yeah, instead I was just in the mood for a crazy night out.

We got tickets to a fashion parade at a popular gay club in Perth. And the show started at 12am! It was really cool! I’m kicking myself for not taking my camera. The clothes were wild and outrageous!
The models were fantastic – flamboyant and wonderfully camp!

We bumped into some old friends. Would have loved to chat and catch up properly, but hey it was a club. Instead we drunk a lot. Danced into the night. And took crazy photos of ourselves.

Plus, the place was CRAWLING with gorgeous, hot, young, half naked guys (ok, I exaggerate) who were all not looking at me… *hmph* (that’s because they were all looking at my husband :P).

On my way to the toilets, I got cornered by a British guy who said he was a photographer for some UK Magazine, and he wanted to take my photo. I almost pissed myself laughing from his pick up line. Hello, this is a gay bar mate! Part of me almost said yes, in case I just deeply offended a pro magazine photographer. But he was holding an IXUS for goodness sakes. Anyway, I think he took my pic as I pushed him aside. Grr.

Well I was ready to call it a night by 2am. Simply because I wasn’t feeling 100% in the first place. Haha I really am one year older.