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My Saturday in 200 words

4 June 2005

I had an absolutely splendid kid-free day today!

I slept in while my husband attended to the kiddies. Ate breakfast while watching MTV. Threw some milk into the fridge. Then headed out the door for some mid-year stocktake sale action. Woo hoo!

I got a couple of cheap CDs. 75% off a gorgeous mocha coloured crochet/bead poncho. 20% off a yummy blue/brown wool jacket.
Nail polish. Blah blah. I loooove sales.

Then drove off to meet some good friends for lunch and coffee. Ate a very tasty meal. And spent close to 3 hours laughing and nattering away about nothing in particular – the best kind of catch-ups.

Got home. Spent the rest of the day gardening with the family in the beautiful glowing sunshine. Then we organised the kids for the evening – showers, baths, packing bags – and dropped them off at my mum’s place.

My husband and I got to spend a lovely evening together. Just the two of us. So cute. Like we were dating again. I was tempted to rock up to our old latin dance gig, but we decided that watching an arthouse movie would be a better way to round the evening off.