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A gentleman already?

23 May 2005

My two year old son REALLY likes girls.

Whenever he interacts with kids his age, he’s much nicer to the girls than boys. And I mean MUCH nicer.

He’ll talk and giggle with them. He’ll share his toys with them. He’ll give them flowers, leaves and rocks (?). He’ll let them have their way. He’ll let himself be bossed around. He’ll let them push, shove or snatch a toy off him – without a fight!

And sometimes, he gets completely smitten by them – well, as smitten as a two year old can get. He’ll run around shouting her name. He’ll want to hold her hand. Or want to stand next to her. He’ll make sure she has a piece of cake too. And on the weekend, she got a daisy and I didn’t. Hmph!*

When he’s interacting with other boys, he’s a lot more aggressive, territorial and impatient. He’ll shout, cry and whinge more too.

It’s weird. I’ve always made it a point to teach my son to treat everyone the same, share toys with everybody, be nice to everybody blah blah blah. It’s kinda amazing that kids can tell the difference at this age. How do they know? I mean, do girls really smell different?

I laugh about it in the playground, but deep down I’m praying he doesn’t grow up to be a brainless playboy doormat.

(*I now see how the mother-in-law syndrome begins)

Oh and can somebody remind me to delete this post in say, 8 years? I might have a lot of explaining to do when someone turns 10.