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Mother’s Day Weekend

8 May 2005

Yesterday, I hit the malls again and figured I’d treat myself to some real shopping! Enough of this online window shopping crap.

It was Mother’s Day after all. And no one around here is going to make me breakfast in bed. Ha! I bought some funky jewellery for myself, earrings for my mum, and I felt confident enough (8 weeks post-baby) to spend lots of money on some new pants. Nice brown herringbone stripy pants. I also did this weird spiky thing with my hair and I reckon I looked like a rockstar. No one asked for my autograph though.

We invited some friends over for dinner on Saturday night.
My husband made this *AMAZING* 5 course dinner of Southern Indian vegetarian curries. It was SO YUMMY. Company and conversation was great fun too.

Sunday we went to church. Stayed for a special Mother’s day programme and lunch. Ate so much food! Caught up with friends and family. Caught up with the latest gossip. My grandma told me (not in these exact words…) that Sean’s head was wonky and I should rub his lumpy skull while it was still soft. I laughed until I found out she was serious.