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I am so last week

30 May 2005

The total volume of music files on my computer is a BIG FAT ZERO. I’m a bit of a CD purist.

The last CD I bought was Nursery Rhymes for Kids by the ABC.

I’m listening to “Setting Sun” by The Chemical Brothers.

CDs I listen to a lot : Moon Safari by Air. Surrender by The Chemical Brothers. Polyserena by George. Liquid Skin by Gomez. Dizzy Up the Girl by The GooGooDolls. Mezzanine by Massive Attack. Symphony No. 2 by Philip Glass. Eternal Nightcap by The Whitlams.

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29 May 2005

I finally started to clean up my computer this weekend. After three years, I figured it was time to reformat my hard drive. It’s in a shocking state. It’s been chugging like a dinosaur for months.

I’m not exactly a hardcore geek. But I’m always very organised, systematic and FUSSY with my computer house-keeping. I’ve got meticulous file and folder naming procedures. I do complete system scans, defrags, backups every fortnight or so. I also delete any program, file, plug-in or shite that I don’t use often.

I do all this, somehow believing that if I keep my computer running efficiently, I can put off that dreaded reformat c:/
I guess three years is pretty impressive.

I’ve been at it all afternoon and I’m still not finished!

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Sean – 11 weeks

27 May 2005

Sean has been an absolute darling! He now sleeps about 11 hours during the night. He goes to bed at 8:30pm, has a short feed at 2:30am, and wakes up at 7:30am. I’m very happy!

He’s also wonderful in the afternoons too (when my two year old is asleep). I position his little baby rocker beside the window, and he’ll sit and stare quietly at the trees and sky. Then occasionally amusing himself with his rattle and then dozing off for a couple of hours.

He loves looking at faces. He gives such cute little chuckles – complete with a full body wiggle and punching fists. He also does the whole goo-goo-ga thing that makes my heart melt.

His eyes are still greeny-grey. They are beautiful to stare into! Everyone has been saying that his features are Caucasian and his complexion is Asian. He weighs 5.5 kgs so far.

He’s a very patient baby – happy to sit, watch and laugh at whatever his big brother and I are doing around him.

Also, my latest little pet name for him is Mr. Cappuccino Butt.

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Conversations with Kate

26 May 2005

Some friends invited us out to a special event at Lamonts in East Perth. It was diviiiine! The food and wine was absolutely incredible! It was a six course dinner, where each dish had it’s own matching wine. At the beginning of each course, Kate Lamont, talked a bit about the food and wine and explained what they were trying to achieve with each pairing.

I thought it was going to be a painfully boring evening – with long speeches and fussy pretentious talk about food and wine.

But I was SO wrong. It was one of the coolest evenings I’ve had in a long time! The atmosphere was completely casual and relaxed – despite the steep prices, fancy location and posh decor. And Kate was so cool. She just walked around to each table, striking up a conversation with random people and going, “So what do ya think?!?!”

Now, I’m not a big drinker. So I have a rather unsophisticated view about food and wine combinations. You know, the whole red wine with red meat and white wine with white meat thing. Furthermore, after I drink half a glass of either, I’m not usually able to tell the difference between red and white.

Anyway, I learnt SO much about food and wine matching.
I was utterly captivated! We were sniffing and sipping, describing the wines as ‘warm tinned asparagus’, ‘lemony caesar salads’, and ‘my grandmother’s wooden sewing box’. All 14 of us were pissing ourselves with laughter the whole night (probably more-so by the end of the night).

Trying to appreciate the wines on their own wasn’t much of an event for me. But my senses were blown away as I discovered how the tastes of quite simple foods can be enhanced by the combination of the wine flavours.

I know this will sound really stupid… but having an evening where someone challenges you to actually stop and think – in detail – about the tastes, textures and smells moving around your mouth, was quite an astonishing breakthrough for me.
I don’t think I’ll ever eat the same again!

Oh and here’s a pic of me looking unquestionably and appropriately drunk (even though I was the designated driver that night), and my friend Ian doing his Wallace
and Grommit impersonation.

Oh oh oh, and we also got to take home a little booklet of all the recipes she served up that night! Woo hoo what a score!

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A gentleman already?

23 May 2005

My two year old son REALLY likes girls.

Whenever he interacts with kids his age, he’s much nicer to the girls than boys. And I mean MUCH nicer.

He’ll talk and giggle with them. He’ll share his toys with them. He’ll give them flowers, leaves and rocks (?). He’ll let them have their way. He’ll let himself be bossed around. He’ll let them push, shove or snatch a toy off him – without a fight!

And sometimes, he gets completely smitten by them – well, as smitten as a two year old can get. He’ll run around shouting her name. He’ll want to hold her hand. Or want to stand next to her. He’ll make sure she has a piece of cake too. And on the weekend, she got a daisy and I didn’t. Hmph!*

When he’s interacting with other boys, he’s a lot more aggressive, territorial and impatient. He’ll shout, cry and whinge more too.

It’s weird. I’ve always made it a point to teach my son to treat everyone the same, share toys with everybody, be nice to everybody blah blah blah. It’s kinda amazing that kids can tell the difference at this age. How do they know? I mean, do girls really smell different?

I laugh about it in the playground, but deep down I’m praying he doesn’t grow up to be a brainless playboy doormat.

(*I now see how the mother-in-law syndrome begins)

Oh and can somebody remind me to delete this post in say, 8 years? I might have a lot of explaining to do when someone turns 10.

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In-Car Entertainment

21 May 2005

This afternoon, we went to visit some friends who live up in the hills (in a beautifully renovated house). We had a really nice time – chit chatting over afternoon tea and coffee and playing with the kids.

As we were leaving, a really cool thunder storm brewed overhead. Lightning was blazing the sky with colour, making the clouds glow with an evil pinkness. The occasional rumble seemed to shake the car windows as we drove back into the city. It was so cool that we decided to buy take-away and park by the river.

So there we sat. All four of us. Looking out over the water. Rain beating down on the car like marbles. Watching the lightning show. Munching on chips. Making the windows fog up. And listening to Callum’s favourite CD for this month,
The Blues Brothers. Which, didn’t quite capture the moment I was hoping for, but at least it was better than The Wiggles.

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19 May 2005

Our central heating for the house was installed this week!

It was a painful process – making sure I was home for the installers, plumbers and electricians and juggling that with all the stuff I had to do during the week. Running around organising this and that. Putting up with all the MESS being tracked around the house. Not being able to access some rooms in the house. And listening to my two year old scold the tradesmen “BOOTS OFF! BOOTS OFF!”. Haha.

But but but – on the up side, every room in our house will be toasty and warm this winter. Mmmmmm. And now I’ll be able to walk around the house in my undies and pretend I’m in my own tropical paradise.

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Spring in Japan

18 May 2005

Photo by Jan and Angela Miksovsky

My sister (who’s living in Japan at the moment) has been going on and on about spring in Japan. It kinda made me wish that I hadn’t gone on and on about our gorgeous summer Christmas while she was freezing her ass off under 4 layers of clothing, tornados and earthquakes.

She’s seen the famous Miyako Odori (cherry blossom dance), walked through streets covered in cherry blossom petals AND seen a Katsushika Hokusai exhibition. I’m sooo jealous!

The pic above (by Angela Miksovsky), with all it’s saturated colours, beautiful lighting and yes, pretty flowers… completely sums up my romantic yearning to visit the place one day. And to buy bucket loads of Japanese wood block prints.

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Just Chilling

16 May 2005

Eh. I’ve been feeling really lazy these last few days. It must be all this wet weather. I had a relaxing weekend, though. Strolling through the city. Shopping in King St. Sipping Italian coffee. Devouring greasy hotdogs. It was all good.


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Distractions at the Supermarket

12 May 2005

I saw this REALLY good looking guy in the supermarket the other day. He was kinda mixed race – Spanish/Latino/Malay looking. Who knows. Shaved head, buff body. I like. He looked like a dancer or something. He was so HOT!

He was selecting oranges in the fruit section. And I was peeking over the onions hoping to get a better look. I spent some time examining the cauliflower so I could watch him from the corner of my eye. I had no shame. He was hot.

Man, if I had been a single crazy chick, I’d so walk up to him and start a conversation about the weather – just to hear his voice.

When I realised that I had put too many potatoes in my basket, I decided to stop being such a loser and finish buying my veges.

I also decided that I had too much pride to put the potatoes back. So I lugged my basket to the checkout. Smashed into an aisle display. My veges flew into the air and rolled away like little caged animals making a run for it.

Yeah ok. End of story.

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Mother’s Day Weekend

8 May 2005

Yesterday, I hit the malls again and figured I’d treat myself to some real shopping! Enough of this online window shopping crap.

It was Mother’s Day after all. And no one around here is going to make me breakfast in bed. Ha! I bought some funky jewellery for myself, earrings for my mum, and I felt confident enough (8 weeks post-baby) to spend lots of money on some new pants. Nice brown herringbone stripy pants. I also did this weird spiky thing with my hair and I reckon I looked like a rockstar. No one asked for my autograph though.

We invited some friends over for dinner on Saturday night.
My husband made this *AMAZING* 5 course dinner of Southern Indian vegetarian curries. It was SO YUMMY. Company and conversation was great fun too.

Sunday we went to church. Stayed for a special Mother’s day programme and lunch. Ate so much food! Caught up with friends and family. Caught up with the latest gossip. My grandma told me (not in these exact words…) that Sean’s head was wonky and I should rub his lumpy skull while it was still soft. I laughed until I found out she was serious.

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4 May 2005

Ooooh I found some gorgeous handmade necklaces from Pashupatina. Her pieces are stunning! Design, form and colour combinations are just beautiful to look at. Damn I wish I had more money.

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Sean – 8 weeks

2 May 2005

When my first child was a newborn, he would sleep through ANYTHING. His daytime crib lived in our open-plan lounge room, where I would vacuum, play loud music, watch TV, make phone calls, eat meals. Through *anything* I tell you.

My second child is soooo different. He cries at EVERYTHING!

Too much noise. Too much light. Too many weird smells.
Too cold. Too hot. Too wet. Too pooey. Too fast.

Aargh. He’s just so sensitive. At first I was really annoyed, because – to tell the truth – I don’t particularly like sensitive people. Especially when they are high maintenance, fussy for no good reason and when it’s impossible to make them happy!

But I recently read somewhere, “Babies who are extra-sensitive and difficult, usually have a higher IQ due to their attention to stimulation and detail.”

And that kinda made me feel better. It kinda put a whole positive spin on things. That I shouldn’t really see this as a bad thing. That I shouldn’t push and expect him to be like his big brother. And that I probably should try to nurture this inborn temperament.

So after a month of Sean’s constant daytime grizzling and grumbling, it occurred to me that maybe Sean is a lot like… A NORMAL HUMAN BEING.

I mean, if I was trying to take a nap, I wouldn’t put up with being in a noisy room with all the lights on, with the tv blaring in the background and with a toddler stomping and singing “GO GO FIRE TRUUUUUUCK!”.

So now Sean sleeps a glorious 2-3 hours during the day, in yes, a dark and quiet room on the other side of the house.

Now, am I good at this mothering thing or what?

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Just Browsing

1 May 2005

Lacey goodness from Witchery.