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Eyes glued to the tv

27 April 2005

I think the glory days of the X-Files was the last time I followed any tv show with the ferver of an infatuated 15 year old teenager. Oh hang on, 12 years ago I WAS an infatuated 15 year old teenager. Hmm… ok ok, and I still revisit my Star Trek addiction once in a while.

Anyway, despite my aversion to reality tv and popular tv game shows, I have to admit that I was happy to tune into the mind-numbing droll of prime time commercial tv just so I could see squeaky clean + aussie bloke Tom Williams take off his clothes.

With 2.3 million viewers, a live studio audience, a dull judging panel, a family-tv show rating and all the glitz and glamour of a mind-numbing commercial tv game show… Tom’s bulging, flexing, glistening, naked and muscular body looked SO out of place. Yet. I. Could. Not. Take. My. Eyes. Off. Him.