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An oldie but still a goodie

26 April 2005

Everytime I have doubts about being a stay-at-home mum, and then begin to entertain the prospects of picking up a bit of web/design work… I only have to look no further than Clientcopia : Stupid Client Quotes for a cure.

These are my favourites :

“We love it like this, but we were wondering if we could change the font, the color, and move a few things around?”

“I need more pesshht peesshht chuttt chutt papapapa on this animation.”

“Please change the “SUBMIT” button to “DONE”. Submit sounds too kinky.”

“We want it to be black, but could you not make it so dark?”

“Just because we signed off on the proof doesn’t mean we were happy with it!”

“Can you do it like in the Matrix…you know with numbers, zeros and ones, and glowing light, like in the Matrix, you know?”

“Can you print out a copy of every page in the website and post it to us? We need to fax a copy to our US office so they can have a look at it…”

Me: So who will go to this site and for what reason?
Client: I don’t know
Me: Well what is the purpose of this site!?!?
Client: I don’t know

“Um, could you make it more… i don’t know… enhanced?”

“Can you make the background constantly change colors? I want people to know that we are fun and exciting.”

“Don’t use too much red, our tests show that red downloads slower.”