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Callum turns TWO!

24 April 2005

Callum’s birthday was actually last week. But my folks were on holiday, so we postponed his birthday party to this weekend. It was such fun!
My mum and I made heaps of food. About 20 people rocked up. Lots of kids. Silly chatter. Presents. Party hats.

And I made the cake again! Last year was my first attempt at making a kid’s birthday cake. It was in the shape of a number 1. This year I decided to try my unfulfilled parental dream of making a cake in the shape of a duck. After all, the next time his age will have a “2” in it, he’d probably want a football-shaped cake made of ice cream. In fact, I’m sure he and his friends would happily forego the football part and settle with a tub of ice cream up-turned straight out of the container onto a plate.

Anyway, the cake was made from two packets of standard milk chocolate cake mix. Vienna icing, sprinkled coconut, a couple of smarties and a bit of [evil] food colouring. Making the whole thing was much less drama than last year. Mainly because it didn’t matter that the coconut layer was patchy.
I must admit, I think it looked a little too much like a SWAN, for my liking. But I guess it’s more charming than a swan that looks too much like a duck.