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Snail mail goodness

18 April 2005

Ooooh I’m grinning like a silly kid.
I received a HUGE parcel in the mail the other day. Then again, anything tangibly bigger than an email attachment is considered huge to me. The wonderful team at Carry Handbags sent me a thank you gift for linking them on my site and showing a bit of support to their groovy little shop.

It was one of their gorgeous handmade handbags that I’ve been drooling over for ages! And the one they sent me was specially made for meeeee! I can’t believe how well made it is too – it feels so sturdy and strong, yet it’s light and has such nice curves. Exactly how I like my handbags! Oh oh, and the butterfly embroidery on the recycled fabric even had a little story to it. Hehehe I’m so happy!!