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Smoke Machines and The Limbo

9 April 2005

Not letting our kids get in the way of our very busy social lives (sarcasm, people) we decided to drag both of them to a late party on the weekend. How were we supposed to know that there was going to be music loud enough to shake the champers off the table? And more smoke, alcohol and finger-food than a sleazy international casino lounge?

Ok I lie. It was actually a great party. Very family friendly. Minus the smoke machines and loud music. They played the macarena ok? Overall it was really nice chatting to random people and dancing to silly music.

Callum was completely transfixed by the smoke machines. Whenever they puffed smoke, he kept yelling “FIRE!! FIRE!! OH NOOO!!” And then ran around waving his arms trying to catch the rays of light created as the smoke slowly dispersed.

I did the tango with Callum. Complete with the not-so-graceful backwards bend thing. It was very cute.

And Callum went up and did the limbo. But dad had to carry him or else he would have won. After all, he is only 80cms tall.