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Parties Galore

8 April 2005

Yesterday, my playgroup had a combined birthday party for Callum and two of his friends. It was wonderfully simple, relaxed, casual and down to earth. No fancy theme, no party programmes and no big arrangements. It was great. Haha, probably due to the fact that we don’t have any birthday-party-dictators with aspirations for the perfect kids party in our group.

The birthday mums split the responsibilities. One mum hosted it at her place and took care of the decorations and party paraphernalia. Another mum made the cake, some sweet stuff and fruit. I was in charge of the hot foods (party pies, sausage rolls, hot chips etc). Eating fairy bread made me think of my sister and made me feel like a kid again. Tee hee.

Eeep. And for *some* reason, I thought we all agreed that we weren’t going to give gifts out. But I was wrong! Everyone else turned up with bags of presents for the birthday boys… and I didn’t bring anything. Oh well. I’ll bring something next week.