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Sean – 4 weeks old

7 April 2005

Overall, Sean is a much grumpier baby than his older brother! He grizzles, grumbles and grunts whenever he’s awake, for whatever reason. It’s really cute. He’s much more sociable too – doing all his awake-time, pooing-moments and cooing during the day. Then sleeping in 4-6 hour chunks during the night, plus several 2-3 hours naps during the day. I’m really happy!

I found with my first kid, I basically dropped everything and created a daily routine that revolved around him. Now with my second… haha, he basically has tough it out and fit in with the existing routine! And he seems to be buying it so far.

I went late night shopping this evening. I must’ve walked around for 3 hours by myself, and Sean slept the whole time in the pram. Not a peep! I had to keep checking under the pram cover to make sure he didn’t slide out or something.