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Scuba Diver Karen

6 March 2005

Wow I can’t believe it. It was 5 years ago that I took my scuba diving ticket. My boyfriend at the time (now husband) inspired me to do it. He’d always come back with colourful stories of mermaids, beasts from the deep and underwater sunken treasures. Ok not really, but it had the same effect.
Anyway I just had to experience it for myself.

Since then I’ve dived all over Western Australia – Rottnest Island, the Bussleton Jetty, wreck diving at Albany and Lancelin, exquisite tropical diving at Ningaloo (with whale sharks!), deep dark wreck diving at Esperance and the pretty reefs of the Abrolhos Islands. And all that was within 2 years!

I’ve never dived anywhere outside of WA. And most of my diving have been in fairly cold water – I’ve never gone without my 7mm suit and my hood! So it’s my dream to dive in the REAL tropical waters of Asia. And maybe head over to my hometown (Christmas Island) to do some really spectacular shelf dives!

Ah, well, I haven’t been back in the water in 3 years. I’ll probably need to do a refresher course, practice my long distance swimming, scrape the dust off my dive gear, and shed some weight to squeeze back into my custom-made wetsuit! Heh.