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A bit of whinging

23 February 2005

Ugh I’ve caught a mild flu. Sore throat, stuffed sinuses, runny nose, headaches, the works! And it hasn’t been helping my recent sleeping problem. (Yes, I know that poor sleep is supposed to be a normal part of pregnancy.) But it just takes me HOURS to get to sleep. I’ll be in bed by 10pm. I’ll toss and turn. Go to the toilet. Toss. Turn. Toilet. Drink water. Toss some more. Turn some more. And the next thing I know, my clock says it’s 2:30am.

I don’t think it’s clinical insomnia. And I don’t like the idea of taking sleeping pills. So I’ve been taking matters into my own hands and trying all these “natural” relaxation and sleep-invoking techniques I’ve heard of (which aren’t working) :
– not eating a large meal before bed
– hot shower before bed
– hot bath before bed
– relaxing back massage
– a milky hot chocolate drink
– vanilla essence on my pillow
– reading and listening to soothing music

I’ve even tried the exact opposites!
– eating a huge snack before bed
– staying up and watching trashy TV
– a cool shower

I figure I’ll just put up with it for a few more weeks. Then when Baby2 arrives, I’ll probably have NO PROBLEMS falling asleep. Ha!