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Gong Xi Fa Cai 2005

9 February 2005

Floral image  scanned from an angbao

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!!

I swear I’m going to burst with all this food + baby in my tummy. Our reunion dinner was at my grandmother’s house again. We had 30+ people, a huge delicious home-made banquet, crazy sparklers, lots of angbaos, Chinese cookies and silly family banter.

My poor husband. He’s dangerously allergic to crustaceans. And, as is the Chinese way this time of year, almost EVERY dish has crab meat, lobster meat, prawns, shrimp paste, abalone, oyster or scallop. So he and Callum spent the whole dinner eating rice, duck and lettuce!

My mother is the oldest of 10 children. With everyone living in Perth, our family gatherings are usually pretty huge. Some of my “younger” aunties have recently had kids and are still having kids! Which makes the family tree pretty complicated, since I’m about to have my second kid.

I had a nice moment sitting in the twilight of the backyard, in my grandmother’s hammock hovering near her koi pond. I chatted away with my aunties and watched Callum play chasey with my cousins. It was weird. But ah, you gotta love the quirks of a big family.