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The Loose Box Restaurant

8 February 2005

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My husband took me out on a “surprise” dinner on Saturday.
So sweet of him. It was at the Loose Box Restaurant – which to tell the truth, I’d never heard of until that night!

Apparently the place is world famous! The chef has won so many awards and medals, that he’s been asked not to enter any more competitions – because he keeps winning them! And the restaurant itself has an impressive list of international awards too. However… I’m not one easily influence by dizzying walls of golden plates and glinting statues.
I wanna taste the food for myself, thanks.

The menu began with a special note :

This is a “Fine Dining” experience. Please select your choice of Appetizer, Entrée, Main course and Dessert.


And we chuckled over the opulent language of the menu…

La terrine de lapin blanc et les rillettes de porc
Terrine of farmed rabbits, slow cooked with cognac and pistachios, and a little pot of pork rillettes”

…was really a slice of cold rabbit + nut meatloaf. Hehe.

Okok jokes aside. The food was MAGNIFICENT! I really don’t want to go on and on about it, but, it really was one of the best “fine dining” experiences I’ve ever had. And to top it off, the waitstaff were friendly, not pushy, not hurried. The food presentation was immaculate. The timing between dishes was faultless. And the background music was at the perfect volume to have a long conversation. It was all good.

(The photos above were taken from the Loose Box site.)