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My under-aged kitchen hand

25 February 2005

I picked up this Fruit & Vegetable Play Set from my toy library… thinking Callum might like recognising the different fruits + veges. But whoa. Instead he literally sat in ONE spot on the floor – for an HOUR – just chopping them up and putting them back together. Over and over again. It was heaven.

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Bag Blogs

24 February 2005

Oooh I love it! – A blog site completely and utterly about purses, handbags, totes, clutches! Complete with pics, links and a little write up. Updated regularly too.

The Bag Blog is also pretty cool.

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A bit of whinging

23 February 2005

Ugh I’ve caught a mild flu. Sore throat, stuffed sinuses, runny nose, headaches, the works! And it hasn’t been helping my recent sleeping problem. (Yes, I know that poor sleep is supposed to be a normal part of pregnancy.) But it just takes me HOURS to get to sleep. I’ll be in bed by 10pm. I’ll toss and turn. Go to the toilet. Toss. Turn. Toilet. Drink water. Toss some more. Turn some more. And the next thing I know, my clock says it’s 2:30am.

I don’t think it’s clinical insomnia. And I don’t like the idea of taking sleeping pills. So I’ve been taking matters into my own hands and trying all these “natural” relaxation and sleep-invoking techniques I’ve heard of (which aren’t working) :
– not eating a large meal before bed
– hot shower before bed
– hot bath before bed
– relaxing back massage
– a milky hot chocolate drink
– vanilla essence on my pillow
– reading and listening to soothing music

I’ve even tried the exact opposites!
– eating a huge snack before bed
– staying up and watching trashy TV
– a cool shower

I figure I’ll just put up with it for a few more weeks. Then when Baby2 arrives, I’ll probably have NO PROBLEMS falling asleep. Ha!

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Complete Randomness

21 February 2005

I was flicking through some of my old pics the other day – and this photo totally cracked me up.
We were at a warehouse party organised by a bunch of my workmates. Some of them formed a pseudo rock band and played some rockin tunes all night.

This was Andrew and I PRETENDING to sing! Honest!

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Watch out Matisse

18 February 2005

In preparation of having a new baby in the house, I’ve been trying to do more indoor-at-home activities with Callum.

I don’t know whether it’s been a fault of mine, but since Callum was a bub, I’ve been taking him out of the house every single day. To the park, grocery shopping, visiting my parents, visiting friends, visiting galleries, a stroll around town, window shopping, swimming classes, gym classes, indoor play-gyms, mum’s groups, book libraries, toy libraries. So now, Callum more or less expects us to have an “outdoor adventure” everyday. Which won’t work with a new baby in the house. Not for a while anyway.

So today I introduced him to paint! He loved it! We set up a painting station under our gazebo – laying out newspapers, cartridge paper, water buckets, paint bottles and brush holders. We even had a picnic basket filled with snacks for later. Tee hee, it was so much fun.

It took him a while to understand the whole idea of painting (ie. moving paint around with a brush) as opposed to drawing with a pencil or crayon. And in the end he became a little obsessed with just squeezing paint from the bottles and watching them go SPLURT!

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Treasure Hunting

13 February 2005

We spent the evening at the beach today.

I was a little reluctant to go at first. I was tired, achy and well, you know, 4 weeks from giving birth. But it turned out to be just perfect for cooling off in this summer heat.

We watched a spectacular sunset. We ate fish and chips in the sand. We collected shells and bits of wood for Callum’s treasure box. And we sat and watched a very happy fisherman catch huge tailors from the surf.

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Conversations with my 22 month old son

11 February 2005

Callum is 2 months from turning two, and he’s already blabbering away like a toddler. I actually thought he would be a late talker – because ‘they’ say : boys who are more active, tend to talk at a later age. But sheesh, Callum just goes on and on and on and on. He’ll talk about everything in his little world. His lego men, his sandals, his big new bed, his popcorn, dad’s car, mum’s orange juice, po-po’s fish tank, gong-gong’s chickens, a trip to Bunnings. Yeah ok, it’s kinda cute.

It’s a pretty scary moment when your kid first starts making sentences. When they start weaving ideas together and making connections in their heads. When they start telling you what they really think! Good lord, how will I survive being a parent to a TEENAGER?!?

Callum retelling some house rules :

Ball. Throw. House. No! Naughty! Mummy. Smack!

Callum retelling the events of the weekly rubbish collection :

Man. Brooooom. Truck. BIG truck! Bin. Up. POUR!

Callum retelling Uncle Rob’s recent adventure on a scuba diving trip :

Rob. Down. Under. Up. Wet. Boat. Hungry. Eat. Biscuits.

So cute.

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Gong Xi Fa Cai 2005

9 February 2005

Floral image  scanned from an angbao

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!!

I swear I’m going to burst with all this food + baby in my tummy. Our reunion dinner was at my grandmother’s house again. We had 30+ people, a huge delicious home-made banquet, crazy sparklers, lots of angbaos, Chinese cookies and silly family banter.

My poor husband. He’s dangerously allergic to crustaceans. And, as is the Chinese way this time of year, almost EVERY dish has crab meat, lobster meat, prawns, shrimp paste, abalone, oyster or scallop. So he and Callum spent the whole dinner eating rice, duck and lettuce!

My mother is the oldest of 10 children. With everyone living in Perth, our family gatherings are usually pretty huge. Some of my “younger” aunties have recently had kids and are still having kids! Which makes the family tree pretty complicated, since I’m about to have my second kid.

I had a nice moment sitting in the twilight of the backyard, in my grandmother’s hammock hovering near her koi pond. I chatted away with my aunties and watched Callum play chasey with my cousins. It was weird. But ah, you gotta love the quirks of a big family.

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The Loose Box Restaurant

8 February 2005

Photos taken from

My husband took me out on a “surprise” dinner on Saturday.
So sweet of him. It was at the Loose Box Restaurant – which to tell the truth, I’d never heard of until that night!

Apparently the place is world famous! The chef has won so many awards and medals, that he’s been asked not to enter any more competitions – because he keeps winning them! And the restaurant itself has an impressive list of international awards too. However… I’m not one easily influence by dizzying walls of golden plates and glinting statues.
I wanna taste the food for myself, thanks.

The menu began with a special note :

This is a “Fine Dining” experience. Please select your choice of Appetizer, Entrée, Main course and Dessert.


And we chuckled over the opulent language of the menu…

La terrine de lapin blanc et les rillettes de porc
Terrine of farmed rabbits, slow cooked with cognac and pistachios, and a little pot of pork rillettes”

…was really a slice of cold rabbit + nut meatloaf. Hehe.

Okok jokes aside. The food was MAGNIFICENT! I really don’t want to go on and on about it, but, it really was one of the best “fine dining” experiences I’ve ever had. And to top it off, the waitstaff were friendly, not pushy, not hurried. The food presentation was immaculate. The timing between dishes was faultless. And the background music was at the perfect volume to have a long conversation. It was all good.

(The photos above were taken from the Loose Box site.)

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7 February 2005

Local jewellery designer, Janice Chan, has some really cute handmade jewellery you can buy online at her site Her catalogue is jam-packed with gorgeous stuff!! It took me soooo long to figure out what I wanted to order. These were some of my favourites.

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Pregnancy Gripe #3491

5 February 2005

Screen grab from

Perth’s Big Day Out is on tomorrow.
And I’m not going AGAIN.

Beastie Boys, Chemical Brothers, The Streets, Powderfinger, The John Butler Trio, Grinspoon, Spiderbait, Little Birdy AND Bexta!! Oooh how compleeeetely unfair.

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Communal Cookie Making

4 February 2005

Ooh, I love this time of year. The other day, I went to visit my mother. She, my grandmother and a whole host of my aunties were zipping around making yummy Chinese cookies for the Luna New Year. Her dining table was groaning with the weight of pineapple tarts, love letters, kok chai’s (peanut puffs, pictured) and zillions of other things I don’t know how to pronounce. There were bags of flour on the floor, lumps of doughs on chairs, bottles of fruit and nuts in boxes, and towers of biscuit tins and cookie-making things in doorways. There was a certain Chinese-kitchen madness to it all. And the whole house smelt like the inside of a warm, sugary pastry kitchen. Just divine.

Coming together and making Chinese New Year goodies is a yearly tradition for my mum’s generation. My generation has never been involved in it. We were always “too young” and “got in the way” of a well oiled system. We were always too slow. Made them too big. Used too much filling. Burnt the sides. Rolled the pastry too thin. Or didn’t press the edges down properly. In the end, we would just sit around waiting for the wonky shaped ones to cook so we could eat them, and and lick the mixing bowls.

Anyway, I thought I’d turn up to the fiasco this year, and hopefully someone would let me fold some pastry. (Just like PlayDoh, right?) But unfortunately, I had my hands full with Callum, who spent most of the afternoon trying to stick his fingers into the dough and eating the fallen nuts off the floor.

In the end, I did come away with a larger portion of cookies, flour on my face, and the feeling that I could be up for some big-time cooking lessons next year.

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Moving Into A Big Bed

2 February 2005

Pillows from www.overstock.comLast week, we moved Callum out of his cot and into a bed.

We wanted him to get used to sleeping on a bed before the new baby arrived. So we trucked over my old wooden bed from my parent’s house, got rid of the spring base, and gave it a new wooden base. It’s actually the top half of a bunk bed. My sister had the bottom half. Maybe one day we’ll make it into a bunk bed again. Anyway…

Night 1 : Callum woke up 10 times throughout the night!!
Night 2 : Woke up 7 times.
Night 3 : Woke up 5 times.

Night 11 : He FINALLY slept through the night.

With all this broken sleep, my husband and I are completely wrecked!! I have no idea how I’ll cope with a newborn again. How did I ever survive the lack of sleep? The lack of energy?
Ah, how quickly us humans forget.

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Tomatoes Galore

1 February 2005

Did I mention my tomato harvest was a success? They are absolutely scrumptious! So much sweeter and tastier than the variety you get at the supermarket. I’m now eagerly waiting for the next batch to ripen, so I can start making my own sun-dried tomatoes and chunky tomato sauce. Then next will be tomato jam, tomato juice, pickled tomatoes, tomato ice cream…