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22 January 2005

I needed a haircut badly! Just a simple trim to lop 5 inches off. Nothing too complicated. A friend of mine recommended Top Image. And I’ve heard SO many other people rave about them. I was quite keen to see what the fuss was all about too.

The overall cut was fine. I was pretty happy with it. I just wanted my hair to be slightly shorter, thinner, and a shorter fringe. It was a good price!

But what COMPLETELY won me over was the guy’s hair cutting technique! I’ve decided that he’s now my official regular hairdresser — this is probably only significant when I tell you that in my 8 years of paying for my own haircuts, I’ve NEVER gone to the same hairdresser twice.

Firstly, he washed and blow dried my hair BEFORE he cut my hair. Then he basically snipped and snipped huge locks of hair at a time until he was done. Very fast, very expert. The way he handled my hair felt absolutely divine. Confident, strong, purposeful, and skillful.

ALL the hair dressers I’ve been to, would lead me from the basin to the chair with my hair sopping wet. Then they would proceed to pin up all my hair except for a little skirt at the base of my neck. Cut. Let down a bit more. Cut.
Fiddle with the length. Let down a bit more. Cut.
Tilt my head this way. Cut. Compare lengths of hair.
Cut a bit more. Fiddle. Fuss. Make small chat. Ugh.
There’s no way I’m going back to that.

*I’m a changed woman*