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Pregnancy update at 31 weeks

12 January 2005

I have 9 weeks left.
And I am SO over this pregnancy thing. Get this kid outa me now!

I must have a whopper baby inside me, because I feel HUGE. I’m at that stage where my body feels unnaturally lop-sided and top-heavy. Like an over-sized waddling duck. It takes me ages to get comfortable in bed.

I toss and turn like a grumpy hippo. And by the time I get settled and fall asleep, I end up waking up 5 times throughout the night to go to the toilet – as the result of having a bladder the size of a chick pea.

I’ve also been craving different foods each day. It usually hits me in the late evening. Peking duck, bacon, white chocolate, Oreo cookies (just the biscuits), chicken sausages, peanut butter, pork crackle, and KFC burgers. Then again, I always crave KFC burgers. It’s just nice to be able to send my husband out to get it for me at 10 o’clock at night.

My doctor told me that I had a low blood count, which might help to explain why I have been feeling so tired lately. He put me onto iron tablets. But he forgot to mention that I should ease myself towards taking 3 tablets a day. So on new year’s eve morning, I took my tablets. And by noon I was sitting in the passenger seat of our car, spewing my guts out into a nappy bag. It was not classy at all. I had to wash bits out of my hair when I got home. Then I had to be in bed by 9pm. And that folks, was was how I spent my new year’s day!

Eh. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. I have had none of the major pregnancy complaints – bleeding gums, swollen feet, excessive weight gain, high blood pressure etc etc. Lets all just cross our fingers and pray that this one will come out quicker than the first.