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Supermart Art Exhibition

17 December 2004

Went to an exhibition opening in Northbridge, followed by an end of year Xmas bash held by Artrage. The exhibition was GREAT! Called Supermart, it was “a place where art meets consumerism and where purchasing becomes an art”.

Such a cute idea! The whole gallery space was set up to look like a supermarket, with aisles and checkout stations and shopping baskets. And you got to walk around buy the art as you would your groceries.

It was PACKED when we arrived. There were bouncers at the door stopping us from entering. There was a huge queue spilling out onto the pavement. It was an impressive turnout!

There was a cute supermarket catalogue with all the products and prices of stuff you could buy.

My favourites items were the “Knitted Sausages” and the “Knitted Ice Donuts” by Rebecca Baumann & Jane Bandurski. Very cute!