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Callum – 20 months

16 December 2004

Callum is 20 months old and it looks like the Terrible Two’s have arrived early. There are days when he says NO to everything and throws himself on the floor in a screaming tantrum. And other days, he’ll cling to my legs all day, whinging, grumbling and wanting to be carried all the time.
It’s those days I’d rather have toothpicks wedged under my fingernails and water dripped onto my forehead than to be the mum of a grumbly toddler. I kid you not.

Callum is obsessed with books at the moment. Or rather, just ONE book. I know it’s supposed to be a great thing to get kids interested in books early — but when I have to read The Three Little Pigs to him eight times a day, and put up with him singing “PIGS! PIGS! PIGS!” the rest of the time… ugh, my brain just turns into potato mash.

I’ve also been exposing him to music and dance. I’d like him to be comfortable with expressing himself and not shy about having silly fun. So most afternoons, I crank up the stereo and we jump around the lounge room like silly buggers laughing our heads off. He’s very much into pop music, and specifically 1980’s Madonna, The Rolling Stones and Jamiroquai.

Lego is also a huge favourite. Thank God to whoever invented Lego. He can spend hours sitting on the floor by himself building crazy coloured towers, smashing them, then building them up again and again. Many loads of washing have been washed thanks to Lego.