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Featured in the Straits Times

14 December 2004

Okay. Very weird moment. So my stats hit the roof on Tuesday, because Singapore’s Straits Times did a  feature on my site as their “Blog of the Week”.

I won’t bother to retype all of it. It basically grabbed snippets from my entries and my bio – and made me sound like a very happy expectant mother indeed.

Why we picked Karen Cheng’s blog
“Karen Cheng, 26, was born on Christmas Island in 1978… Her online journal is designed to look more like a sketch book rather than an online journal… It is an account of life in Perth from the perspective of an Asian-Australian… Her candid banter on the joys of motherhood, the excitement of weddings and online shopping makes it a fun to read blog.”
[Edited by me]

And the pic — *roll eyes* I sent them a collage of me doing stupid things in front of my camera… hoping to capture my not-so-serious exhibitionistic side.

Oh well. That’s publicity for ya. Pity they didn’t choose the pic with my cleavage – bet I would’ve gotten double the hits. Ha!