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Small World Scariness

8 December 2004

Last night we hosted a lovely little dinner party. It was a gorgeous night for it – a cool summer evening.
I made a yummy chicken curry with tomatoes and eggplants. Served with fresh salads and crispy pappodums. The curry turned out REALLY well! It was just *so* delicious. I was beaming inside. AND I felt entitled to my third helping.

I set out a few tea light candles on the table. They sparkled and flickered away during our dinner conversations about design, travel, documentaries and everything else under the sun. Callum sat there completely mesmerised by the candles. He just stared and stared with his eyes wide open. So much so, he kept missing his mouth with his spoon.

Our guests were my husband’s friends. He met them recently and invited them over to get to know them better. It turned out that one chick was from Christmas Island. Like me! And after a long conversation we found out that when my family packed up our bags to move to Perth 16 years ago, her family moved right into the house we left! So. Weird.

Their family have been there ever since. I was 10 when we moved to Perth, and I’ve never been back to CI. So I had this surreal conversation about what happened to the palm tree in the front garden, our chicken coop, my old bedroom, the rocky driveway and the lady down the road who turned her house into a trinket shop. It was so weird.