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Steaks + Ice Cream

2 December 2004

I went to dinner with some good friends. It was Christmas dinner at Hog’s Breath Cafe. I was the only Hog’s Breath virgin at the table. I’ve never particularly liked the whole steak + chip dinner. I’m more of a crumbed chicken with mayo and an avocado salsa kinda girl.

But I gave myself up to the experience and ordered the steak. Good Lord, I almost made myself sick. I couldn’t believe how outrageously fatty the steak was! There were gobs of fat and sinewy bits throughout the whole rib cut – it was soooo wrong. Yet. At the same time it tasted quite juicy and yummy.

And to top it all off, we hoofed off down the road and pigged out on ice cream at Il Gelato. I got scolded for trying to take a picture of the ice cream bar. *Grumble*