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Christmas Comes Early

29 November 2004

I’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit early!
This year I’m trying to be a lot more organised.
I always get so angry at myself when I find myself succumbing to The Christmas Madness 3 days before the Christmas.

I want to get all the chrissy shopping done early, have them wrapped and given out, make all my yummy goodies, get the decorations up and get the Christmas invites out! Yep, the family Christmas dinner will be at our place this year!

I started by making some Christmas wreaths. You see, my neighbour has these evil vines that are unstoppable – no matter how hard we try to cut them back, they just keep creeping and crawling over our fence like fingery tentacles and getting themselves tangled in everything! So a lopped off a few vines and twirled them around to make my wreaths.
I think I’ll tie on a few gum nuts and wattle flowers for a more Australian theme. Haha. Too easy.

*Btw, my comments kinda died. So I’ll bring them back when I have a bit more time to fiddle with this and that.