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2nd Last Wedding For The Year

7 November 2004

Went to another wedding on the weekend. My super-talanted designer friend from uni, Debbie and her husband to be, Jeff, flew over from Sydney for a cozy wedding celebration at the Old Swan Brewery. It was such a lovely wedding!

The speeches were great. The bridesmaid retold Deb and Jeff’s romance in a style you would find on the back of a Mills and Boon novel. It was hilarious! And the father of the bride gave a cute speech in Cantonese – I even understood what he said [only just though]. *So proud*.

ALSO… there was this jaw-droppingly, UNBELIEEEEEVABLY, gorgeous guy there… who I couldn’t keep my eyes off the whole night. I kept nudging my husband and I was like “Omg I can’t believe how good looking he is!”. He was like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt – in terms of their classic, striking, masculine good looks.

So, I couldn’t help it, I just HAD to strike up a conversation with him, I mean how often do you get to talk face to face with a REALLY good looking person? I walked up to him and chit chatted about this and that [yes, I have no shame]. And after a very brick wall conversation, I parted thinking, “Damn it, I should have just left him as a demi-god in my head. Now he’s just a regular awkward bloke with no conversation skills.”